"My connection to the earth is reinforced through the rhythm of the waves." ~Mike Dolan



Check the Announcements, Events, and Notices folder in the document library for current activities and announcements.


Larimar now has two part-time maintenance managers.  Read details in the Announcements folder - the file name is 2016-06-26 new parttime manager-handyman.pdf the Contact page.



About the Document Library


Click here to go to the document library or click the button at the top.


The document library uses a tool called Dropbox Pro.  The library is viewable/download-able for residents with a password (no ID required).  Contact the webmaster for access using the Contact page.


The following main folders are available:

  • Announcements, Events, and Notices
  • Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Financial
  • Meeting Information
  • Studies
  • And other archival information


Welcome to the Larimar Community!


This is an informational website for residents of the Larimar development community in Willowick, Ohio.


The slideshow in the background has photos taken from the webmaster's condo balcony showing the many moods of Lake Erie.  Visit the Gallery page to see and download many Lake Erie photos taken from the condo balcony.





COA Laws in Ohio


The following are rules for forming Condo Oowners Associations (COAs) in Ohio: